Property Management

We are committed to Integrity, Honesty, and Professionalism.

In Ohio, RiverBuilt offers property management with a focus on integrity and professionalism. We prioritize your needs, make decisions based on accurate data, and utilize innovative technology to enhance your investment. Excited to serve you today!

RiverBuilt stands out as a fully licensed real estate corporation in Florida. Our team, each holding a Florida real estate license, is uniquely positioned to cater to the specific needs of our investment property owners, setting us apart from unlicensed managers in the area.

Property Management Services that are comprehensive and personalized.

Expert Tenant Screening

Thorough background checks and careful tenant selection to ensure reliable and responsible occupants for your property.

Rent Collection

Timely and efficient rent collection processes, ensuring you receive your rental income promptly every month.

Property Maintenance

Regular inspections and proactive maintenance to keep the property in optimal condition, preserving its value over time.

24/7 Emergency Support

Round-the-clock availability to handle any emergencies, providing peace of mind for both you and your tenants.

Transparent Financial Reporting

Detailed monthly reports outlining income, expenses, and financial transactions, accessible at your convenience.

Legal Compliance

Ensuring all legal obligations, including contracts and local regulations, are met to protect your investment and avoid legal hassles.

Effective Communication

Open and clear communication with both you and the tenants, addressing queries and concerns promptly and professionally.

Tenant Relations

Handling tenant inquiries, concerns, and disputes professionally, fostering positive relationships and tenant satisfaction.

Why RiverBuilt?

Customer Services

Our business revolves around providing exceptional service, and at the heart of our service are people. To exceed customer expectations, we have assembled a team of skilled experts who understand the needs of both our clients and their tenants, ensuring top-notch customer care.

Transparent Operations

We uphold ethical, transparent, and trustworthy business practices. Clients appreciate our customized solutions and the Owner Portal provided by Cures Property Management, offering real-time investment updates.

Committed Team

Our committed team of property managers is diligent, reliable, and consistently delivers outstanding results. We leverage innovation and teamwork to lead the market, always making ethical decisions aligned with your goals.

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